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Concept : 

On average, 53% of menisectomies result in osteoarthritis in patients. 

The Menix® and Menix Duo® meniscal repair system offers a robust, reproducible and rapid meniscal repair technique. 


Material : 

Anchors: PEEK
Sutures: UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene)
Pins: Stainless steel (AISI 316 L)


Avantages : 

Tissue preservation: Reduced perforation due to the small size of the wires and anchors (anchor thickness of 0.6 mm). Less shearing due to the use of flat braids.
Safety:  The pins/spindles are protected in a cannula thus preserving the users from any risk of injury.
Control of the insertion depth thanks to the markings on the wire No MRI artifact.
Optimised accessibility : Possibility to bend the spindles to increase their range of action.
Resistance: The pull-out strength is greater than 50 N1.
Economical and Ecological: fully reusable, environmentally friendly instrumentation.
Knotless system (for Menix Duo): Less risk of damage to joint surfaces.

Technique opératoire : vidéo 


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