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Concept : 

On average, 53% of menisectomies result in osteoarthritis in patients. 

The Menix® and Menix Duo® meniscal repair system offers a robust, reproducible and rapid meniscal repair technique. 


Material : 

Anchors: PEEK
Sutures: UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene)
Pins: Stainless steel (AISI 316 L)


Avantages :      

Tissue preservation: Reduced perforation due to the small size of the wires and anchors (anchor thickness of 0.6 mm). Less shearing due to the use of flat braids.
Safety:  The pins/spindles are protected in a cannula thus preserving the users from any risk of injury.
Control of the insertion depth thanks to the markings on the wire No MRI artifact.
Optimised accessibility : Possibility to bend the spindles to increase their range of action.
Resistance: The pull-out strength is greater than 50 N1.
Economical and Ecological: fully reusable, environmentally friendly instrumentation.
Knotless system (for Menix Duo): Less risk of damage to joint surfaces.



Video Surgical Technique :



Carefully read the instructions on the package leafl et that accompanies the medical device or on the label given to the healthcare provider. Device included in the list of extra refundable products; for more information refer to the price lists.Class IIb device. Non-contractual document - May be modifi ed without prior notice. ISO 13485 ISO 13485 All rights reserved© 2012. Manufacturer: S.B.M.

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