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BTLOOP is a juxtacortical fixation device for soft tissue and quadrupled bone-tendon-bone grafts in ACL reconstructions.


Composed of a titanium plate and pre-mounted braids, BTLOOP is a reproducible, simple and safe system. A blind tunnel from 15 mm and a cortical tunnel of 4.5 mm diameter promote bone preservation while ensuring a strong and rigid fixation. Available in a single adjustable size, its implantation requires no tunnel length planning and provides stable locking. BTLOOP also exists in XL version with a longer plate for adjustable fixation in classic tibial tunnels.

Because the graft includes bone blocks, the loops must be passed through each bone block and tendon in the operating room.



Plate in titanium.

Avantage : 


  • Fixation résistante et rigide
  • Traction de la greffe par l’extérieur
  • Basculement fiable
  • Longueur de boucle ajustable
  • Blocage du greffon au fond du tunnel borgne
  • Verrouillage stable
  • Compatible rayons X.

Technique opératoire : vidéo 

Read carefully the instructions for use that comes with the medical device or labeling provided to medical professionals. Class IIb device. Document not legally binding - Can be modified without prior notice. Manufacturer: SBM, 65100 Lourdes, France. Updated: september 2013 Reference: MGPULSWEN

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