TRANSLIG implants have been designed for fixing soft tissue transplants in ACL reconstruction.


Using a tranversal implant in the femur provide a wide cancellous bone support and a strength close to the one of the native ACL. Graft preservation and optimal contact between the implant and the femoral tunnel favors healing. Usable in a singe or double fixation (recommended for high level sportsmen or when bone quality is deficient), TRANSLIG implants are osteoconductive and gets resorbed within 12 to 18 months.


Duosorb: composite material made of Tricalcium Phosphate (β-TCP) and Polylactic Acid DL (PLDL). This innovative material is only manufactured by SBM.


  • Strong and rigid fixation
  • Fixation close to the native ACL insertion point
  • Prevents for inflammatory reactions
  • Favors biological integration of the graft inside the tunnel
  • Bioabsorbable: does not hinder further surgeries
  • Precise positioning (implementation on a rigid wire)
  • MRI and X-ray compatible.
Translig clou tranversal


Translig for ACL repair Translig range Translig instrumentation


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