BIO 1-QUICKSET is a range of syringes designed to prepare a fast-setting synthetic bone substitute for bone void filling.


BIO 1-QUICKSET is a synthetic bone substitute designed to fill osseous defects that are not subject to mechanical stresses. The syringe is pre-filled with an osteoconductive mix based on β-TCP (Tricalcium Phosphate). Once the saline solution added, the delivery system enables to inject in situ self hardening substitute for hardly accessible defects and for minimally-invasive procedures. Pre-dosed, BIO 1-QUICKSET is ready to use for a safe, easy and quick use.


BIO 1-QUICKSET is based on Tricalcium Phosphate (β-TCP) + saline solution


  • Recognized material: resorbable, bioactive and osteoconductive
  • Optimized packaging: the box contains all the items
  • Ready to use (safe and easy)
  • Injectable in hardly accessible defects
  • Short mixing time (30 seconds) and fast setting time (8 minutes)
  • The mix is done in complete aseptic conditions
  • MRI and X-ray compatible
  • Isothermic: no heat release.
Bio 1-Quickset


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